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WJ Architects announces that our work on the Miami Beach Fire Station 1 was recognized by AIA Tampa Bay for sustainability. WJA has proudly been the recipient of this award since the category was announced in 2020. This award recognizes one project demonstrating excellence in sustainable design and environmental stewardship. This award highlights a commitment to creating buildings that prioritize sustainability, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Miami Beach Fire Station No. 1 is designed to meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards for new construction. The Fire Station demonstrates environmental responsibility, guaranteed energy efficiency, water efficiency and promotes healthy interiors and resiliency for future fire fighters. 

The design team took a multifaceted approach to creating a new LEED Gold Building for the Miami Beach Community. In doing so, it achieved the highest number of points (65) available in the LEED rating system for energy performance for Gold certification. Fire Station No. 1 prioritized storm resilience by elevating the apparatus bay well above base flood elevation.  All ground floor spaces are wet or dry flood proofed and flood vents are implemented on all wet flood proofed areas. 

Fire Station No. 1 has permanently installed building-level energy meters that account for all sources of energy delivered to the building by an external provider. The station implements various strategies to produce water efficiency which includes reducing outdoor water compensation by 52%, irrigating reclaimed water and Florida friendly plants that require less watering. To support water management and identify opportunities for additional water savings, the building has permanent water meters that measure the total potable water use for the building and associated grounds. Fire Station No. 1 operates with 2 meters: one for domestic water, and one for the irrigation system. Both cover 100% of the water used for each subsystem.