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We are thrilled to announce that our firm recently had not just one, but two of our outstanding public safety projects nominated for the prestigious AIA Florida People’s Choice Awards. Our nominations include Dunedin Fire Station 61 and Palm Beach State College Public Safety Training Center. This recognition speaks to our unwavering commitment to designing spaces that prioritize safety, functionality, and community well-being.

The credentials for being selected for these prestigious awards were rigorous and highly competitive. Each nominated project underwent a comprehensive evaluation process that considered various criteria. The projects were evaluated based on their architectural design, innovation, sustainability, community impact, and how well they responded to the specific needs of the public safety sector.

Dunedin Fire Station 61, spanning 7,500 square feet with three bays, is a testament to user efficiency and convenience. The station’s Green Globes Certification showcases its sustainable and durable construction, including locally manufactured structural clay brick units that minimize maintenance requirements. The open floor plan ensures swift access to the apparatus bay from any area of the building, facilitating rapid response times. Thoughtful connectivity between dorms, bathrooms, day room, and eat-in kitchen caters to individual and group training needs. Seamlessly blending with its surroundings, the station’s cohesive architectural design complements its functionality. The fully enclosed glass antique bay, proudly displaying the original 1922 American LaFrance fire engine, honors the town’s history and resonates with the local community.

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The Public Safety Training Center at Palm Beach State College integrates various departments, such as Criminal Justice, Fire Safety, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, and Crime Scene Investigation (CSI). This comprehensive facility includes administrative and instructional areas, a Tactical Gymnasium, a Firing Range, and supporting spaces. The center also features an Auditorium and a Wellness Center accessible to the entire campus, fostering unity and understanding among students from diverse backgrounds. Located strategically on the campus’s northeast quadrant, it creates vital connections with existing circulation paths, enhancing the campus environment and establishing a distinct sense of place. The design encourages interaction and collaboration among students and public safety agencies, facilitating real-life emergency responses that benefit the community.

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These nominated projects showcase our firm’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of architectural design in the public safety sector. We aimed to create spaces that not only meet functional requirements but also serve as beacons of safety, comfort, and inspiration within the community. We are honored to be recognized by AIA Florida for our dedication to excellence.

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