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Work is steadily underway at the YMCA Partnership Middle School with hundreds of construction personnel working diligently to bring this project to completion. Rooftops of the health and education campus have recently been finalized, marking the conclusion of the project’s structural phase. The team has now shifted focus to the building’s interior conditioning and remains on track for the school opening in fall of 2024.

During a recent interview with St. Pete Catalyst, WJA principal Lindsay Wilson shed light on some of the multifaceted considerations our team balanced throughout the design process. Situated amidst wetlands and within a residential area, our team recognized the importance of creating a design that not only respects and safeguards the environment but also minimizes any potential disruptions to the neighboring community. Wilson explained, “you will have more traffic, noise, and lighting. We had to be strategic to not create a negative impact on neighbors.” To address this concern, the team strategically placed the track on the east side, away from residential areas. Wilson highlighted the careful planning involved in creating separate areas for school drop-off and YMCA member parking, ensuring smooth traffic flow and avoiding congestion. “We went through a long exercise to make sure the school drop-off area is independent from YMCA member parking,” Wilson explained. Additionally, the placement of the track played a role in enhancing pedestrian safety. Wilson recalled that in earlier designs, pedestrians would have had to navigate parking lots and internal driveways to access amenities, further justifying the decision to locate the track in its specific position.

The YMCA Partnership Middle School project represents a successful collaboration between Wannemacher Jensen Architects and the community, aiming to create an environmentally mindful and harmonious educational facility. With a strong commitment to design excellence and a thoughtful approach to addressing various factors, the team at Wannemacher Jensen Architects is proud to contribute to this development. As the project nears completion, our team is looking forward to seeing the community come together and enjoy this new facility.

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