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WJ Architects announces that our work on Lakewood High School was recognized by Florida Educational Facilities Planners’ Association.

WJA is proudly the recipient of the High School Award of Merit. This award highlights a commitment to creating educational facilities that prioritize an Innovative Response to Educational Programing, Aesthetics and Use of Materials, Flexibility for Community Use, Technology Provisions, and Sustainable Design.

Lakewood High School located in St. Petersburg, FL is designed to optimize functionality, safety, and community engagement.  The project prioritized the preservation of the existing 1920s structures while strategically integrating modern features; the façade received the addition of shading structures that enhanced the overall presence of the school within the neighborhood. Controlled access points were strategically placed to ensure the security of students and staff, both during school days and public events.

The design team’s commitment to innovative enhancements is exemplified by their strategic approach to improving existing spaces. The team sought not only to preserve the historic structures but also to elevate the learning experience by incorporating modern educational environments suitable for 21st-century teaching methodologies. Through thoughtful design, existing spaces were transformed to better support and enhance the school’s established programs, including sports, performance, and STEM initiatives. This dedication to reimagining and revitalizing educational spaces underscores the district’s vision for fostering an enriching and progressive learning environment, ensuring that the school remains at the forefront of innovative education.