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Jason Jensen presented WJA’s “Design Guidelines” for the Skyway Marina District in a public meeting this month at the District’s St. Petersburg College campus.

The 75-page image-rich document includes recommendations and examples to serve as a helpful guide for developers, design professionals, city planners, project applicants, and the general community and public. The guide is largely related to the District’s revitalized notoriety, and robust plans for development, along with generally bullish sentiment about the community.

Jensen said, “The Skyway District is a unique destination on St. Petersburg’s waterfront with a strong mix of retail, residential, office, and boating. This vision has great potential to establish the District as a premier community and create a recognizable southern gateway to St. Pete and Boca Ciega Bay.”

“The guidelines take style cues from yachts and sailboats, embracing the waterfront environment. A pedestrian emphasis includes streetscape improvements, trails, shade, and outdoor seating. Overall, this guide will help developers relate with each other and reinforce contemporary architecture and lifestyle.”

With extensive design and style recommendations, some broad-stroke themes involve:

  • St. Petersburg’s reputation as a place that values art and culture.

“The Skyway Marina District has many opportunities to further embrace and implement this into their own design. Energizing the public realm through art.”

  • Preserving beautiful landscape, rich wildlife, and the multitude of resources.

“Proper planning and support can facilitate an easy transition for a growing community to implement sustainable practices and create a happy, healthy community.”

  • Inspiration from yacht and boat architecture blending with the coastal atmosphere.

“Look to transparency, elegant curves, crisp edges, and refined minimalism.”

Imagery offers examples of design practices, materials, and ideas – from bird-safe windows/lights and native landscaping, to wifi and charging stations for bikes, cars, and electronics – full design guide here.

Further info is available on the Skyway Marina District’s website and Facebook page.

Skyway Marina Vision