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WJA recently organized an exciting Summer Series Hard Hat Tour to the new Clearwater Beach Fire Station 46, an extraordinary project that holds unique significance as it is located in the heart of Clearwater Beach. The tour was led by Project Manager, Sanchelle Mercer and Public Safety Director, Jeff McDowell, who have been leading this project. This fire station not only plays an active role ensuring the safety of the community and beach-goers but also required our team to think strategically about designing a facility capable of withstanding the challenges posed by its beachfront location.

The beachfront location posed specific challenges, such as the need to think strategically about logistics regarding base flood elevation and foundation design to accommodate FEMA requirements. During the Summer Series Hard Hat Tour, participants had the exclusive opportunity to witness firsthand the architectural ingenuity and thoughtful design solutions employed in the construction of the Clearwater Beach Fire Station. The tour showcased the innovative measures taken to protect the facility against potential storm surges and flooding while providing a comfortable and efficient working and living environment for firefighters.

The new fire station exemplifies our firm’s commitment to community-centric design. By considering the needs of both the firefighters and the public, we have created a facility that not only serves as a vital hub for emergency services but also contributes to the overall well-being and safety of the beach community.

The Summer Series Hard Hat Tour to the Clearwater Beach Fire Station provided a unique and insightful experience, highlighting the remarkable blend of preservation, community integration, and strategic design considerations that went into creating this facility. We are proud to have been part of this project and look forward to its positive impact on the Clearwater Beach community for years to come.