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In 2020, WJA was hired to work with New Port Richey, FL, to create a design that is set to make waves, aimed at transforming the city’s landscape. The ambitious undertaking, affectionately referred to as the city’s elaborate “Welcome Mat,” promises to revitalize the area, attract visitors, and create a vibrant atmosphere that residents and tourists alike can enjoy.

The New Port Richey Welcome Mat project seeks to redefine the city’s identity and showcase its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and rich history. The initiative aims to create a captivating and immersive experience that sets the tone for anyone entering the city, leaving a lasting impression.

The Welcome Mat project will also focus on upgrading the city’s infrastructure. A new LED sign planned for the northeast corner of the intersection will advertise community events for Sims Park and downtown festivals supported by the newly commissioned Courtesy Trolley.  This transformation will not only benefit residents but also encourage increased foot traffic, supporting local businesses and foster economic growth.

Tampa Bay Times