Tok Residence

Terra Ceia, FL

The Story

Situated on the water in Terra Ceia, the Tok Residence acquires a minimalistic approach focused solely on views across the bay and the programmatic needs of family. Situated within a VE flood zone, the immediate height of the main living area becomes the centroid that is wrapped by a deep exterior balcony that organizes the views outward over Terra Ceia Bay and protects the interior spaces from direct sunlight. As the program forms a stacked relationship of separation, the stair tower becomes this vertical monolithic volume in which the stairs seemingly descend down to capture circulation from the exterior. As the stairs move upward, they become further encased in this monolithic element providing an enclosed transition between the main living spaces and the more private bedrooms on the upper level. The architectural expression is somewhat retracted from the front but becomes hyper focused towards the water, as the composition of elements defines the interior program and the exterior gathering spaces.

The Tok Residence is 2,600 SF consisting of Three stories with the ground floor containing the garage, pool, and main storage spaces. The second floor houses the main living space and the self-contained mother-in-law suite connected by an interior stair to the upper level which is home to the children’s bedrooms, the master suite, and a second living spaces dedicated for the children.