Project Creo Center for Art & Design

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The Story

This project was a temporary interior build out for the opening exhibition of Project Creo. This event focused on the collaboration possible between various art and design mediums. The gallery presented artwork to the patron through varied levels of abstraction and scale.

Apertures were formed in the panels to capture small glimpses of artwork before viewing the full piece. Video art media was played through overhead monitors reflecting onto a piece of glass at a 45% angle much like a Teleprompter between through these apertures. When patrons look through apertures in the panels the video image is layered over other artwork and figures. This allows the separation between mediums to be further blurred. It also invites for constant observations due to the changing image.

Lycra fabric was then used to create the partitions overall translucent scrim quality. This allowed light and views to penetrate the panels at varying levels depending on the intensity of light and on the number of fabric layers. The scrim also served to allow further investigation of the artwork through abstraction. The panels provided a backdrop for artwork on one side while the opposite side of the panel presents the sculpture as a silhouette. Depicting the art work through these many means allows the patron an opportunity to make additional observations about the artwork that may be overlooked in a singular presentation.