Public Safety Training Center

Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth, FL

The Story

Awareness of Public Safety has reached heightened levels of community gratitude as a result of the events of 9-11. Enrollment at training centers has increased and accordingly a greater number of our community members are making the commitment to serve as part of the Line of Duty.

The Public Safety Training Center’s academic program integrates five Public Safety departments; Criminal Justice, Fire Safety, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics and Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) into one comprehensive facility. The physical program consists of Administrative areas, Instructional areas, a Tactical Gymnasium, a Firing Range and support spaces. Additional program components include an Auditorium and a Wellness Center to be used by the rest of the campus; emphasizing the desire to create a means for a common understanding between diverse segments of the student body.

The new training facility, with its immediate and future impacts, is a pivotal building on campus. It establishes key master planning concepts to guide the college’s future growth, reinvigorates the existing campus environment and contributes to a strong sense of place. Located on the northeast quadrant of the campus, the project links important existing campus circulation paths, while terminating others.

A primary east-west path is fortified by integrating an existing courtyard from central campus, traveling through an enhanced existing greenway and a new courtyard; terminating at the threshold of the center. A secondary north-south pedestrian pathway connects the existing campus, all new building entrances, and the new courtyard. The Public Safety Training Center design encourages the interaction of people during their educational experience that will come together in real life emergency responses, and promotes multiple public safety agency collaboration for the benefit of the overall community.

This project received the 2011 Honor Award for Design, AIA Palm Beach Chapter and was completed in association with Leo A Daly.