North Shore Pool Complex

St. Petersburg, FL

The Story

Three new building additions, a 25-meter pool, and renovations to the existing pool house make up this complex expansion project. The facility’s current program includes training, classes, and competitive meets. These activities require the pool to accommodate both athletes and spectators. The existing North Shore Pool facility required all participants to enter the facility to the east through locker rooms. This entry was not advantageous for spectators and was located away from the parking. The new complex reorients the axis of the site to the north and south and removes the east entrance. The objective of the new entry building is to create a focal point, waiting area, security, sculpture display, and ticket booth.

A folding, concrete canopy and a perforated sculpture enclosure were used to define an exterior room and invite entry from the north parking area. The axis was further reinforced by the lines of the new buildings. The angles of the north and south buildings are focused into the pool center. The original building gave no view of your destination prior to entering the facility. With the new entry, the building provides an encouraged perspective itinerary, focused on the pool.


AIA Tampa Bay – Merit Award for Architecture (2007)