Ina A Colen Academy

Ocala, FL

The Story

New 116,000 sf innovative kindergarten through eighth grade academy built to accommodate 1,000 students features large 750 sf classrooms, administration space, a gymnasium, and cafeteria. The program also includes a music department, STEM lab, Davinci Lab, Robotics Lab, Video Production and science Labs.

The design forms a large ā€œZā€ shape creating 2 multi-functional courtyards allowing for outdoor learning and opportunities to bring the outdoors inside through large windows and direct connections to the outdoors such as garage type doors. These design opportunities reflect the school ethos and lend themselves to all types of project-based learning opportunities.

Acoustical considerations were made with the selection of ceiling and wall treatment, finish selections, furniture selections, and exposed ceilings with sound-deadening panels for high acoustical performance.

Project is the first phase of a larger master plan to accommodate future growth. The larger master plan includes doubling the kindergarten through eighth grade campus and adding an additional high school.