Hoffman Residence

Tarpon Springs, FL

The Story

The major design influence on this house was bipolar on several levels, radically split between the architect and biologist, male and female, modern and traditional, husband and wife. The architect (husband), a native Floridian, desired to break away from the frame vernacular Florida homes he had designed for years since college and use the elements from his educational experience of concrete, glass, and steel, or Le Corbusier and Mies. The biologist (wife) wanted a cracker cottage in the woods. The result is a masculine concrete base supporting a more feminine delicate vernacular wood and glass form within the trees. This may be new architectural ground as it mixes the materials and forms, representing the complex dichotomy of both human and material marriages, celebrating individuality yet harmonizing the relationship.

The house is three stories with a workshop and garage on the ground level, the main living space on the second level, and a guest loft on the third level. It is 3,500 SF and located on Lake Tarpon in Tarpon Springs, FL.


Merit Award, AIA Tampa Bay Chapter (2008)