Gulf Coast Museum of Art Installation

Largo, FL

The Story

Upon entering the installation you are emerged in complete darkness. As the eye adjusts a volume begins to emerge framed by the darkness. Gradually the volume of light increases in intensity to define a translucent window to an infinite expanse beyond. As your mind begins to question the solidity of this window it is dissolved by the penetration of another volume. The space collapses as the light interlock creates a focal point within the volume. The space of your occupation is now defined by these two edges of light. Perception of boundary and edge allows you to now locate yourself within the space. Your mind continues a journey through the space navigating itineraries choreographed through variations in intensity and perceived planes.

A 20x10x 35 ft space served as the installation context, a stark white space devoid of expectation and preconception. The goal of the installation was not only to have light delineate space but also to create an architecture that inseparably melds light with tangible form. Within this confined context a process was established from which new elements could only be placed in response to the previous element. At each phase of construction observation and light alignments were observed to guide the next phase. It was important that the installations grow out of these observations insuring that the design responded directly to the quality of light.

The resulting space has no bias towards either tangible or phenomenal form since the position of every element relies on the existence of the other. It is not that light is no longer recognizable as light. On the contrary, using light as a space making material allows an awakening of texture, density, and color.