C1 Bank - Beach Drive

St. Petersburg, FL

The Story

In the age of social media, where a company’s face may be solely relegated to Twitter and Facebook posts, Community Bank strives to bridge the on-line experience with the off-line experience. This new, flagship branch is located along Beach Drive in St. Petersburg, FL and houses five specific zones within the facility. The programmable LED lights splash onto an impeccable white canvas of compound curving forms, reminiscent of Apple products, thus becoming a visual barometer for the company’s brand, mood, social awareness and public relations.

The zone design is intended to promote Community Bank’s commitment to the local community, while making it easier for customers to accomplish their banking needs. Two of the zones are quite traditional, yet have been rethought and combined to act as one; Firstly, the Teller Zone is free of the typical security windows as seen in traditional banks, this ensures customers recognize that they are in a bank branch and know where to go to conduct transactions. Secondly, the Sales and Advice Zone, which provides typical platform capabilities and employs work stations designed to help facilitate customer-staff interaction.

The other three zones help to distinguish the branch from the usual. The Dwell Zone engages customers waiting for staff assistance, thereby reducing perceived wait time. This space transitions into a semi-private corridor where the client and banker can freely walk or sit along a bench to discuss objective financial approaches and direction (in contrast to a closed office or board room). The Community Zone capitalizes on the existing large storefront window with a programmable color LED lighting system. The space is saturated in color to publicize the bank’s relationship with a local not-for-profit and community events. The Brand Zone primarily serves as an attractive in-store billboard, expressing who Community Bank is and how the bank differs from other institutions.