Academy of the Holy Names Middle School

Tampa, FL

The Story

Utilizing the structural shell and exterior envelope, the existing Academy of the Holy Names 30,000 sf two-story media center building was transformed into the new 21st century middle school.

This new home for over 250 students redefines the way of learning and promotes creative thinking while capitalizing on the existing natural light. All lighting was upgraded to LED lighting with full user programmability further enhances the flexibility of space by allowing zones to be switched and dimmed independently.

Learning spaces are designed to support learning that is communicative, collaborative and creative. Flexibility of all spaces, being a key driver for the 21st century style of learning, is achieved through technology, transparency, sliding doors, and furnishings. Learning studios free flow into commons expanding the resources for learning and discovery.

These learning commons, previously underutilized corridor spaces only used for storage and circulation, have been reprogrammed to engage student learning and create gathering opportunities. Collectively the school is designed to meet and exceed the demands of future growth and our next generations of students.