African American Arts Cultural Center

Tampa, FL

The Story

A vision by the county to promote the celebration of African-American arts and culture to the local, regional, and national audiences made the AAACC come to life. The AAACC features permanent and temporary exhibitions, dedicated studios for performing and literary arts, and areas for events and festivals. The AAACC offers community spaces providing a home for clubs and social activities that promote creativity and engage the metro area’s 350,000 + African-American community members and school children. The AAACC will also focus on community outreach programs such as library services, children services along with the incorporation of an existing Head Start and Health clinic programs located on the site.

Our vision, inspired by the organization of the traditional dwellings in Cameroun and scaled to serve the community of Old West Tampa is the stitch between residential and new development. A great lawn with exterior community programs that connect and educate the visitors as a experiential journey to the AAACC that is seen beyond. The 45,000-sf building is the backdrop to the Amphitheater and seen across the lawn with 200 parking spaces. Individual entrances to the Cultural Center, Head start and Clinic provides security and discretion without disrupting the community experience. Dedicated entry drop-off with a singular service drive that supports all 3 major program spaces gives the AAACC a functional and efficient design solution for a complex yet exciting program.